Monday, May 31, 2010

Inspirational living.. for a rainy Monday.

I love having a sticky beak in peoples homes. I'm that neighbour at your open house on the weekend. Just snooping. I open cupboards too.

Check out these rooms for inspiration/ feeling really bad about your own home and wishing you lived there. When i grow up I want to have that office. lala di da. x
Images from here

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good weather for ducks. ect

I used to have a boss that would say that at any sign of rain. My college Maya and I would giggle as we could bet on it.

Anyway I love a good wellington boot and these are my pick. Because I have last seasons pair in Orange. hmmm Pinks nicer. Technically for horse riding etc.

Great weather for wellies. Get yours here.

Things I know for sure.

We're big on magazines in our household. Funny that. One I don't buy regularly but enjoy none the less is O magazine.
A column from O magazine which I find inspiring... (here we go) is "Things I know for sure". Makes me always think. What do I know for sure? What is meaningful to me?

One thing I know for sure is a dog will be your best friend forever. No questions asked. Always happy to see you. Never judging. Friendship guaranteed in return for a happy home, food, water and love.

And my bellsy can keep secrets. Even juicy ones. This I know for sure. x
PS Oprah's list of things is alot more powerful than my one item about my dog. You can check it our here.

I love Paris in the spring time. Who doesn't?

I had to share this sweet birthday party for three year old twin girls. So gorgeous and inspiring. I love the Eiffel tower cookies! Details details. They are all hand made by the creative mother. Super creative.
They have a great blog Icing Designs. Very delicious. Hope your Sunday has been a god one. IE better than mine! x

Thursday, May 27, 2010

If I was.......

Going on a tropical holiday to Fiji. Don't laugh it might happen. I have connections with the lizard professionals.

Anyway, If I was going on a tropical holiday, I would want to wear this. I would have to loose 5 kilos. And have back to back spray tans. But still.

Image from Net a porter.

Welcome back, welcome back, weeelllcommme back.

These are hyacinths for my friend A
Oh how I've missed you little blog. And my blogging friends from far and wide (mainly from Sydney.)

Ive had a busy couple of weeks, but I'm back now and ready to go! A few things on the agenda. Pencils ready. I'll use bullet points for easy reading. Very considerate I know.

  • I'm getting scared as I still haven't organised SATC 2 tickets. This is CRAZINESS. Must to that today, otherwise a very excited ME and a very unexcited man (hubby) will be very lonely at downtown empire cinema. Except for a couple of brave pensioners.

  • Everyone seems to be turning 30 around me and its kind of hard to ignore it. Still have a couple of boxes to tick before the big oh oh. IE: Drive a car.

  • I have made the most gorgeous purchase of a very bright and showstopping coat. Red. I love it. I wore it with a tracksuit yesterday around the house. It was cold. The dog was wearing polar fleece. Yup that cold.

  • I'm loving my new hair colour. Thank you for all the compliments. I am claiming it to be my natural colour. Yes that is a lie.

  • My husband has a beard now.

  • Things are going well. How are you?

  • I don't hate comments. You can do it.

That's all. x

Friday, May 14, 2010

Loving... Cologne and Cotton

Why do all great things come from England or America? Husbands even.

England right now and a company I have loved since living in London and shopping in Kensington, where I first discovered this little jem. They do the most beautiful linen especially for little ones.
They also sell a great range of perfumes, soaps and general goodies. They also come beautifully wrapped.

Road trip.

Image from here

C'est bon bon is off for a road trip on Monday and so blogging may be a little erratic next week.
Road trips can be fun for the first few hours and if you are staying in 5 star accommodation along the way. Whoops.

I have the mandatory snacks packed and the Evian. Always important to be hydrated darling. Missing my little bo bo already, who is off to Grandma's for the week. x

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happiness is....

This dress from scanlan and theodore. Hello pretty.x

House torture

See this house. Its haunting me. In a good way though. You see I want it. Its screaming for a makeover and I'm just the gal for the job. My mind is ticking over the wallpaper samples as we speak. Project. I could have my white painted floorboards and a country kitchen with butlers sink and marble island. Oh the possibilities. Claw foot bath. Black and white tilled floors. Tick tick tick. Its just so cute and well cottagey. We could extend and add another level and have a walk in closet.

And its FOR SALE. I don't think we can drive past again unless we are in disguise.
I love you little house. x

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

W is for....

Images via Ruffled

I couldn't be bothered to keep typing.
I saw this cute DIY idea for a wedding/ party/ outdoor dinner whatever. Looks pretty simple to make and on mass would be quite simply stunning.

I reckon I could whip these up. Glass jars with a doily and hessian. Hang with string and pop in a candle. Bingo.I haven't forgotten about the promise of making the wreath. I just need a x

Limited Edition

A love a good scented candle. One of my favourite's Wild Fig and Cassis by Jo Malone has been released in a limited edition Farrow and Ball swanky coloured jar thingy.

"Inspired by breakfast in Tuscany, Wild Fig & Cassis captures the moment of breaking open sun-warmed figs, fresh from the tree. " OK then. Trust me they smell divine.
Would make a great wedding present x

W is for Wednesday's, W is for Wedding's.

Melissa Sweet SS2011
Monique L'hullier SS 2011
Amsale SS 2011
Amsale SS2011
Amsale SS2011
Oscar de la Renta SS2011
Oscar de al Renta SS2011
All images via Martha Stewart weddings

Firstly I'm sorry I missed last weeks W is for post. I'll make it up to you.

Today I am saluting brave brides who break from tradition and wear a cocktail length frock for their wedding. Perfect for a cocktail style reception, an intimate affair or destination wedding. Another idea would be to have two dresses. (OK if I must) You could wear the short dress for dancing and showing off. Your shoes that is.
Dying over the Oscar poofball skirt. Dying.

Happy Wednesday. Two more days till the weekend! What are you planning?
That's all x

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get your cake on.

Check out this cute bake sale that puts my garage sale and signage to shame. Big time. Maybe one day I'll have a stall at the farmers markets and it will look like this. Delightful.

Images from Bird and Berry via Party Perfect.

PS The garage sale went well. Oh and the hot water is back on x

You need this now

When life gives you lemons..... yeah yeah yeah. I prefer "When the going gets tough - the tough goes shopping". Not exactly a necessity but a little luxury for cold footsies this time of year. From here.

Another bloody dessert buffet

I wish my birthday would hurry up so I can have dessert table like this. This one was enjoyed by Tracey Lau for her fabulous looking 40th birthday. Loving the velvet ribbon on the cake. Colour scheme is pretty too. Inspiration. com.

Check out Tracey's lovely blog here.

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