Tuesday, August 23, 2011

B is for Bugaboo

Well I have news!

I am very humbled and pleased and thrilled to announce that out first Embryo transfer was successful and I am sitting here at 14 weeks my good friend nausea by my side.

When I found out I wanted to tell the world and post a special post on my blog but I thought about it and tweeted it and decided not too. So I have sat on it so to speak and then I have felt so sick and tired that I couldn't be bothered too. So I haven't until now but I plan on catching up.

The bump has been nicknamed "Barney" (not by me) but it seems to have stuck so Barney it is for the meantime. I will be opting for a more traditional name once this child is born - let me assure you of that!

I am telling my body at the end of 14 weeks that its time to start feeling great again. Because apparently that's whats supposed to happen. You hit 14 weeks and you feel alive. Have boundless amounts of energy and get that "glow."

So glow come and get me!

Game on ;)

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