Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Some things floating c'est bon bon's boat this week.

  • Reality tv overload. I'm almost getting my housewives and my masterchef's mixed up. Almost. Honourable mention goes to The Amazing Race Australia... Loved it when the father and son team teared up over the hanging lantern task. Good times.

  • The White Company's new candle scents. The calming white rose is just divine. I am trying not to use it too much.

  • A perfectly starched and ironed white shirt.

  • Acupuncture.

  • Starting to think seriously about planning Project Fiji October 2011. Destination weddings - I love you.

  • My husband trying to teach an old dog how to high five... Cute but I can't see it happening.

  • Twitter for iPhone. I can't tell you how fascinating I find it. I can track my IVF Dr.'s every move. ( In a non stalker/ legal kind of way.)

  • Clinique's Instant Facial Masque. So good. Perfect before a night out.

    Hope you are having a great week. I am spending a special W tomorrow going Bridal shopping with my bestie. Bring it! xxxxxx


  1. Ooh bridal shopping how fabulous!did your friend find a frock!? I'm going w my friend on sat! Have decided 'chief bridesmaid' sounds so much better than matron of honor! Have a good wkd. LovT

  2. Racael! Thank you for your comment re Something Borrowed, I feel terrible though, have just got an iPhone and am hopeless and managed to delete it! Glad the movie sat awkwardly with you too, like the concept of true love but not of betraying your BFF! Stop by again soon!


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