Thursday, September 1, 2011

All in the family.
Dear Mr Lauren,

As a loyal customer I would like to personally apologise for the meltdown of your US on line store today. Since you are the head the worldwide fashion powerhouse that is Ralph Lauren I thought it best to go to the "top" to explain.

You see yesterday I found out that my first born due in February 2012, will be a son. The first grandchild on either side of my family this has lead to a range of emotions from family members and overnight, a lot of thinking and planning. Today my mother seems to have tried to purchase everything available for sizes 0 - 1 year boys, and this has led to a breakdown if you will of your online store.

And Economists are saying retail is slumping!!

So I would like to apologise for our part in your current IT woes. It was purely about a love of classic American sportswear. WE all know you are the master.

I know you must have a team of experts on the case now and we look forward to shopping with you again soon.

Kind regards,


Its out there and it is a BOY and we are surprised and thrilled!
My mother may have to send the Lauren's a Christmas card this year.
That's all.

1 comment:

  1. A BOY!!!!

    Congrats again and again.

    Baby Ralph Lauren is gorgeous.



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