Friday, September 2, 2011

And now the fun begins....

When it come to babies I'm old fashioned. I just love a baby in a smocked romper or wrapped in a beautiful vintage shawl. I'm the same with names. And so it seems with decorating. I know there is a huge trend with modern nursery's right now, but that's just not going to cut it round here.

So "Barney" will be sleeping in a vintage style rattan cane cot and sleeping on pure Irish linen until he's old enough to protest and demand Thomas the Tank or shudder Barney sheets.

These two nursery's are getting the cogs turning - both are pottery barn kids and they now ship to Australia.

Happy weekend - I am going shopping for a pregnancy support pillow so hopefully this ever growing bump can have a more comfortable sleep.


  1. I can't wait to hear more about your nursery. Abi's nursery in Singapore was perfect, I planned it months in advance. It was pink and girly and gorgeous. Poor Edward's is still very simple. I'm still trying to settle on a theme, and he's nearly 6 months old.

  2. Ooh I love vintage tooo...I so want a knitted outfit for my the decor in these pics but I see a lot of that a sign?

  3. Good luck with the styling, it is so much fun getting it all ready for baby! I chose a mostly white space with hints of aqua, and lots of owls. Primarily because we didn't know what sex we were going to have. Now that little Brooklyn has arrived and we know he is a boy, we are adding some more blue to the space.

    :) Hazel

  4. How great is it planning a nursery! My tip is to do up an old rocking chair or find a great wingback! Greatest regret for me. . .no feeding/sleeping chair. hope Ur feeling ok & not too sad about the hideous maternity choices on offer!! I had my mum & grandma sewing from a vintage maternity pattern from etsy yesterday- cross fingers! Tell us more about the nursery! LovT


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