Sunday, October 30, 2011

Track work

In a former life I would be spending the days leading up to the Melbourne Cup, having something plucked or tanned, straightened and made up. Outfits were meticulously chosen and pressed. Accessories lined up ready to go.

In a former life this girl was high maintenance. I admitted this twice yesterday. Once to my bestie. I think she already knew this. The other to a stranger at a cocktail party last night. I'm pretty sure he didn't really care for the details.

In a former life I was pretty much exhausted from all the pre party grooming that by the time I got to wherever I was going I felt like having a big old nap.

So for last nights party I made a few short cuts. I self tanned only the body parts that would be seen, and that I can still reach. The bowling ball that is my stomach gets in the way now. That's actually the only short cut I made. I still schlepped to get my hair blow dried and at the 11th hour I was applying false eyelashes.....

So my tips on a short cut Melbourne Cup Day this year are:

KIT Cosmetics Luminous Body Bronzer - give a nice subtle glow over a fake tan or on its own. Washes off with soap and water. Be careful if wearing white. Best to apply after dressing.

Mecca Cosmetica Eyes Wide Open false Eyelashes - I have mentioned these before but they are the best false eyelashes I have used. Saves the time and money and maintenance of eyelash extentions. I would be keen to know the brand Oprah prefers though. I like the individual ones as they are more subtle.

Chanel no.5 bath gel and moisture mist - Layering a scent can really make a difference in a long lasting fragrance. And what is more decadent and guaranteed to make you feel good then a Chanel shower gel? Who knew Terry White sold this stuff?

NEVER underestimate the value of a professional blow dry. If you are crap at make up, at least make sure your amazing hair is a distraction. That's all I'm saying. I would marry my hairdresser if I could.

And my tips on the track this year in no particular order are:
At first Sight
Older than time

You can thank me later.

PS - c'est bon bon does not normally promote gambling, except for the first Tuesday in November when it is mandatory. Please have a glass of champagne for me, and never take your shoes of in public. x


  1. haha you are funny! I think being pregnant just makes the whole being glamourous approach so much harder. You are so good to even get out the fake tan! I have discovered estee Lauder Coral Illusion lipstick this time round . . .its making me feel better when I can't fit into pretty waisted 50's frocks. Hope you had fun at melb cup! lovT

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