Sunday, January 30, 2011

If I was.....and some other things.

If I was lucky. Lucky lucky lucky, I would have unlimited credit at this online store.
Missoni Kaftan anyone?
And prices in Euros actually don't seem too expensive. Just don't convert and calculate. Just sayin.
In other news I may have discovered Sydney's best manicure. I should have taken a picture of my beautiful nails before cleaning the bathroom.... Should have. They looked nice for a few hours. That's' hot pink by OPI is making me happy today. The Ruby Room is great. Really great actually. If there is one thing I know its nails.
I've got my beady eyes on a pair of shooby's. Whats that what you say? Those shoe booty things. You know what I mean. They've been around for a while - I just figured I was too old for this trend. Until I tried a pair on and was strutting around like a happy peacock with a new pair of shooby's on. I give myself 4 days till I cave. They would be perfect for a gals night out.
So these are the other things. Hope you can forgive my lack of blogging. I have lost my mojo it would seem. It must be the lack of country air and ducks at my doorstep that's upset the delicate balance that is my blogging.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can I pull this off?

Love affair with Lanvin continues. I'm seeing hot pink in my future.
Julianne Moore at 2011 Golden globes wearing Lanvin.
Image from fab sugar Australia.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I don't know much...

But I know a lot about tan. Just between friends I've considered buying a spray tanning machine. Just for home use.
My friend recommended this. She was seriously glowing.
I've tried it for 5 days now and so far no streaks. Its the best self tan I've ever used - hands down.
Just in case you were in the market for one.

Palmer's coco butter Natural bronze tanning moisturizer. I got mine from a chemist.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

travelling circus

I booked our tickets and the 11 week countdown is on. After the LCW 2011 (Lake Como wedding) Mr L and I are heading off on a European road trip. Yes yes there have been references to the Griswalds. "look kids there's Big Ben". As we have both seen Big Ben I'm sure these shenanigans will be few and far between. I can hope. Can't I?

Bamford cashmere travel set from NET-A-PORTER. Delicious! And organic. Just sayin'.

After this family wedding/ roadtrip we are starting our first round of IVF. After two years of trying for a baby and a hell of alot of heartache and complications this is where we are at. I don't normally get so personal on my blog. I share only a small and mainly frivoulous part of my life. But moving forward in 2011 I'm getting real. Hopefully by the end of the year - hopefully sooner, I will have some happy news to share.

Stay tuned for possible wedding outfits.

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