Friday, September 2, 2011

And now the fun begins....

When it come to babies I'm old fashioned. I just love a baby in a smocked romper or wrapped in a beautiful vintage shawl. I'm the same with names. And so it seems with decorating. I know there is a huge trend with modern nursery's right now, but that's just not going to cut it round here.

So "Barney" will be sleeping in a vintage style rattan cane cot and sleeping on pure Irish linen until he's old enough to protest and demand Thomas the Tank or shudder Barney sheets.

These two nursery's are getting the cogs turning - both are pottery barn kids and they now ship to Australia.

Happy weekend - I am going shopping for a pregnancy support pillow so hopefully this ever growing bump can have a more comfortable sleep.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

All in the family.
Dear Mr Lauren,

As a loyal customer I would like to personally apologise for the meltdown of your US on line store today. Since you are the head the worldwide fashion powerhouse that is Ralph Lauren I thought it best to go to the "top" to explain.

You see yesterday I found out that my first born due in February 2012, will be a son. The first grandchild on either side of my family this has lead to a range of emotions from family members and overnight, a lot of thinking and planning. Today my mother seems to have tried to purchase everything available for sizes 0 - 1 year boys, and this has led to a breakdown if you will of your online store.

And Economists are saying retail is slumping!!

So I would like to apologise for our part in your current IT woes. It was purely about a love of classic American sportswear. WE all know you are the master.

I know you must have a team of experts on the case now and we look forward to shopping with you again soon.

Kind regards,


Its out there and it is a BOY and we are surprised and thrilled!
My mother may have to send the Lauren's a Christmas card this year.
That's all.

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