Friday, July 30, 2010

DIY Donna Hay

A little sneak peak at things Yuletide chic a la Ms Hay. Its amazing what you can achieve with some string, glass bottles and some muslin from a painting job gone wrong.
A little bit chi chi for a Friday afternoon.
Have a good weekend. Spend it with a good book and a Toblerone....
That's all x

Oh you put a candle in them and they look nice apparently ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm planning on looking like this...

Image fab sugar australia

For a certain new fav holiday coming up. Its theme appropriate.

May your days be Merry and Bright

You know that feeling, calm before the storm. I often have that feeling.
I'm hoping this dining room will transform into a winterwonderland. Pronto. Damn you pinecones - where are you when I need you?
We are counting down the days till my new favourite holiday. Can't you see the excitement?

Well done R for reminding me of my new fav reality show. Loving Famer wants a Wife. Its the new Master chef. I know I have an unhealthy appetite for reality tv. I've tried counselling.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Masterchef.. I heart you

Only a few episodes left for the current season and I am sad. I wanted Alvin or Aaron to win. I know Aaron was a wild card but he had personality. I love inappropriate humour and he had that in buckets. Some of the remaining contestants are alittle uptight. Maybe that's the wrong word. Other words I can think of aren't really that nice so I'll stick with what I've written. My Nana is hooked on it too...
In other news, I am addicted to I didn't catch on before but I love it now.
We booked our mini ski trip today. Its chilly here. The locals say it might snow.. Whatever, they said that last year. I got my snow boots out. They just like scaring weekenders with their flash talk on the streets.
Christmas in July is only a week and a bit away. My burning question to you is,
Is it ok to serve a posh sticky date pudding as a Christmas dessert?
I did a test run and it was to die for.
I made bon bons yesterday on a whim. I had one at 8am. And two at lunch and one then just because. I'm home alone tonight and I can see where this will go...
Hope you have a fun night.
I'll be watching masterchef and eating bon bons.
That's all x

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

W is for ...

Wonderful and whimsy.

This is by far my favourite wedding of all time. The English do a summer outdoor wedding so well. Makes me want to watch Hugh Grant make an inappropriate speech.....
Dying over the BM's outfits. Cute gloves.
If I was getting married next summer I would blatantly copy this. Even the louboutins.
That's all x
Wedding photography by Marianne Taylor - blog

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This plus this equals this

One shredded new toy. Lasted ten minutes, now discarded.
One packet of matches spilt. No fire started.
Never fear Smarties chocolate fixes everything.
PS: George from Master chef seems to like the phrase "Boom Boom shake the room" - I think it's going to catch on. I fear it may hit my vocab soon. x I'm just saying

etc etc etc

Some flowers from my garden. A door bell and sweet peas from the markets.
Tomorrows W is for is sooo gorgeous. Can't wait.

Hippip Hooray. Sorry I missed your birthday.

My mum doesn't know it, but I snooze on her dressing gown when she's in the shower.
Sometimes I forget stuff. I'm good with details, but sometimes I forget big stuff.
Having said that...
Happy belated 7th birthday to my Bellsy. Thank you for 7 years of love and happiness.
When I first brought you home you were the size of a soft drink can, and followed me around like a puppy. That's because you were one..
Now you like your own space, your independence, watching french films and you get a little cranky without 16 hours of sleep. Don't we all. Your favourite people in no special order are Grandma, Pappa, and Uncle S and J. You don't like other dogs much. You just don't have the time for drama.
Happiness in your world means snoozing in the sun, swinging in hammocks, going for drives in the country, squeaky toys, eating carrots and watching french films. You don't like watching rugby games. Yawn.
Happy birthday to the sunshine of my life.x
Please pretend I wrote this yesterday. Please also pretend that I wrapped your present rather than giving it to you straight from the cupboard.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nice things

Want it. Need it. Got to have it. Net a porter. Always ahead of the pack. Fashion that is.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday is my favourite

Image via Marry ruffle. AKA not my dishwasher.

Looking forward to seeing my gal R this weekend.
Things are ticking along nicely for Xmas in July. My grandma is disappointed her bowling club did not take her suggestion about Christmas in July seriously.Next year. She'll get them.
My little bo bo has a limpy leg again. It breaks my heart.
Have a thousand cuts from pruning rose bushes. Why why why do I try to garden.
Have moved furniture around while hubby was at work. He hasn't noticed yet. My back is sore. There may be a few scratches on our floor boards. I blame the dog.
My friend A and I have had a lovely chat just about nothing and it made my day.
That's today's wrap up. Not much more to say.
Have a good weekend. Do something

That's all x

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

W is for elegant details

I love the elegant details from this wedding featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. sometimes its best to go chic and simple. Elegant and refined. Tasteful and glamorous. With a bit of rustic thrown in. Love a wedding in a tent too.
As Frank would say, "I just love the weddings at the homes."
Here are a few of the pics. The rest are here. Thanks Martha.. you rock my world.
PS I am feeling very smug. Homemade pumpkin soup is simmering away and smelling yummy. Just in time for a winter time lunch. Yum.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hearts on fire

I came across this clever lady and lovely website (and blog) and I would like to order one of everything. In an ideal world that is.
Ensparkle makes hand painted ceramics and they are made by a wonderfully creative and clever Helen.
Its nice to see someone doing something different and handmade.
On my list. You might get one for Christmas if I remember. No I'm not thinking about presents yet ;) I am sort of.
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