Friday, April 30, 2010

New blogging assistant needed.

Phew! I could really use an assistant to help with that all important research and hot chocolate run. My current assistant seems to enjoy being involved with the blog, however she can be a little bitchy at times and is prone to napping in the sun when I'm not looking.

If you know anyone please feel free to email me. xx

Have a great weekend. x

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't you just love a good card?

Image from here
Just a quick post. My dinners in the oven. This card made me laugh. The inside says "Looking forward to more "face" time with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Is it a bird? A plane? A scarf?

Speaking of all things fabulous. I was you know. I came across this darling bib necklace scarf thingy. Divine.
Worn with a dress or soften up a blazer. Just the ticket for updating one's winter accessories. One doesn't need an excuse. Just ask my accountant. Aka my husband.

Its made by a talented lady at Prismera Design.

Have a look at her other pieces. Some quirky. But this is definitely my fav.
That's all x

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If I was....

Going to a wedding tonight. As a guest. What would I wear?

This dress. Stunning
These gorgeous earings. Or instead this necklace.
Perfect shoes. CL.
Marni bag. Cute as a button.

And be chic and fabulous. Just add a blow dry and away I go.

A cheeky W is for.
That's all. x

Blogging is hard.

Image from here

Ahhhh something is happening with my formatting and we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please hang in there for me. x

W is for Wednesday's, W is for Wedding's.

Autumn Inspiration. How lovely to get married in Autumn. Such beautiful colours and crisp weather with blue skies make it an ideal time to get married. Here are a few details of gorgeous things Autumn. Loving the stationery and the Vera Wang gowns. My pick - the pink and subtle gold table - Martha of course! The touches of gold could make for glamorous formal affair or a rustic casual wedding brunch. Happy Wedding Wednesday. That's all x

Table Setting Martha Stewart Weddings

Monique L'hullier Fall 2010 collection

Orange Tulip bouquet - image from Amour Amour
Image from Martha Stewart Weddings - Seasonal fruits and flower centerpiece
Wedding dress with flower corsage - Martha Stewart

Invites and Stationery Martha Stewart Weddings

Vera Wang Bridesmaid gown

Vera Wang Wedding gown

Martha Stewart bouquet

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nice things...

I like nice things. Especially stationery. I used to think that a thank you card wasn't worth writing unless it was on a Symthson note card, but I have changed my mind.
These are gorgeous. From a clever company French Navy. Australian. Well done you.
This is my favourite. (obvious really)
I'm about to order these so act suprised if I send one to you soon.

That's all x

Style Stalker

Trinny Woodall.
Yes she works as fashion stylist, however what I like about Trinny is she sticks to her uniform. She knows what suits her and she dresses to enhance that. She incorporates trends with accessories, shoes bags etc but her style stays the same.
I like that. Know who you are and what suits you. Don't be a slave to fashion trends. Classic and chic = better.

Trinny we salute you.

Images from and

This changed my life... Seriously.

This is it - Estee Lauder nutritous mineral make up SPF 10
Mineral make up. I must be the last woman in Australia to get on board the mineral make up band wagon. Its just once I find a good product I stick to it. Anyway a doctor suggested that I try mineral for my "large pores" shudder and so off I went in humiliation to Estee Lauder. Cruel doctors weapon of choice it seems.

And it changed my life.
It doesn't look like I'm wearing make up but I am - trust me.
It feels so light - again it doesn't feel like I'm wearing make up but I am.
My skin looks better.
Damn that Dr she was right. I was worried that it wouldn't be as good as my trusty Chanel claire professional liquid. But it is. Better.

So I'm converted. You should try it. It works.

C'est bon bon loves

Yippee!! It's finally getting cold here. As in its 8 degrees today! Here are a few nice things happening around here at the moment.

This is me - not in a tracksuit. See I'm wearing jeans. Sorry about the socks and slippers. You can't have everything.

Hyacinths - not from my garden. But still.. nice.

Dirty wellies - yup that's real dirt from my garden. Don't worry they are clean now.

This candle - Gardenia Royal by Kobo. I got mine in Berry and its delicious.

Heart on a string - a little whimsy for my living room.

Happiness is a cup of Milo. Yes that's three marshmallows.

That's all. x

Monday, April 26, 2010

World's best pies?

Well hello. Its you again.

Hope you had a great long weekend. And didn't have migraine for 4 days which resulted in three trips to the Dr. No? Well then. Lets continue.

Apart from a very fun Saturday night (good tunes, good friends, good fun) I had a pretty crappy weekend. My well planned outfit for party night failed. Big time. Reason? You're too fat to wear

Ended up in a boring black dress but in all the drama I got in the car and thought, I must take a pic of semi OK outfit for my blog. I didn't remember when I was out and then fell asleep on the way home. I was also embarrassed to ask party goers to be involved so therefore no pics were taken and no one has emailed me any either. So I need to think of something. Note to self.

Anyway back to the pies. There is a lovely cafe in Bowral called The Elephant Boy, and I challenge you to find a better tasting pie. They are the reason possibly that I can't fit into any of my clothes... We got some on the weekend and although I didn't get to eat mine (feeling sick again) I took a pic for you and I hope you'll stop in and get one next time your in the Highlands.

That's my weekend wrap up? Hope yours was better?

PS This is my 100th post!

Friday, April 23, 2010

You make me feel like dancing.

Image from net a porter
Hi there again,
Have a great long weekend. I'll see you back next week - With all your beautiful shots of outfits from the weekend. Don't forget.
Me, I'll be digging out some party shoes and then no doubt beating my sister again on the tennis court. Good times. Can't wait.

NB I won't wear the party shoes on the tennis court x Well maybe
Don't forget to make ANZAC's.
Wrap it up now.

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