Wednesday, March 31, 2010

W is for Wednesdays, W is for Weddings

Check out this fun wedding as featured by Carter and Cook Event Co.

Loving all the details especially the dessert bar.
Love Love Love the pre wedding dance with the bridesmaids. Note the MOB grooving out in the background. I love it.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here comes Peter Cotton tail

Image from Etsy
Image from Martha Stewart Pets - the daily wag
Although I am in week three of my chocolate detox, I am still getting eggcited about my 2nd favourite holiday.

Here's a few cute things to help you do the same. Stay tuned for the results of my Easter baking.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Napping in the day = bad idea

I didn't sleep very well last night. I had a nap on the couch while D was watching the formula one yesterday and then I couldn't sleep. Bella barked to go outside at 3.10am and that was it.
Game over. I did read a large chunk of One Fifth Avenue - which I'm loving by the way.
Speaking of beds... I have my eye on the St Germain bed from Domayne. It is tres nice.
Please please please. I've been a good girl.

Game Set Pants

This is me with coordinating pants
This is S concentrating hard. I'm a good serve.
My sister and I played tennis on the weekend.
It was fun. Alot of lolly pops and giggling. S hit a six and we lost a ball. I wish I had taken a photo.
These are pictures of what we looked like though.
Nice pants.

The story of my life.

I was born in 1980 and because of that a I have an impressive knowledge of lyrics to most Johnny Farhnam songs. Oh and yes I will be turning thirty soon.

To be honest I am looking forward to saying sayonara to my twenties. Its been a mixed bag of tricks. Here are some of the highlights and low lights.

I became great friends with my sister. And I can beat her at tennis.
I bought an alarming number of hats.
I lived overseas - one of the best and happiest times of my life.
I went to Walton-on-Thames.
I went to Shropshire. It was lovely.
I lost a best friend through no fault but my own.
I become a good cook.
I went to a souk in Marrakech.
I watched Strange Planet.
I stayed in bed all day.
I met, fell in love and married a wonderful man.
I had health issues which I never thought I would overcome.
I danced the night away with my best friends.
I lost my Grandfather. I think about him everyday.
I wondered what we would do without you.
I counted my wonderful girlfriends on one hand. I love that.
I did some stupid stuff, and made some bad decisions.
I fought for what I thought was right at the time.
I watched Oprah. Religiously. I heart you Oprah.
I went to Paris with two wonderful people.
I ate a lot of bon bons.
I had terminator eye.
I said why me.
I had a lot of Bridget moments.
I drank a lot of milo.
I went camping and drank pink lemonade.
I said no no no.
I didn't drive anywhere.
I had three operations.
I made some bad speeches. I'm still cringing.
I cherrished my relationship with my mother. We are great.
I baked over a thousand cupcakes. I did. I was counting.
I went through a pink phase.
I was a showgirl for one night only.
I wore a leotard in public.
I didn't give up when things got rocky. And then when there were mountains.
I got the most beautiful dog in the world.
I hosted a cracker of a dinner party.
I planned a surprise party without a hitch.
I planned my wedding in three months.
I planned my life with a wonderful man. Some of the plans didn't work out.
I had a bad experience in Bali with lizards.
I said no more tropical holidays. Ever.
I had the honeymoon from hell.
I did a lot of fake tanning. I think its time to stop.
I was fun nanny. I met three great kids who I love love love.
I went skinny dipping. My grandmother told me to. So i did. Ahh its overrated.
I fell in love with reality TV.
I won a bike.
I did a lot of washing.
I sang Mandy. At Karaoke.
I bought a lot of clothes but had nothing to wear.
I rocked some great outfits.
I bought a dyson. It changed my life.
I sent some bad text messages.
I drank and I dialed.
I went skiing again. I loved it.
I picked the winner on every Melbourne cup. Every year. Its a gift
I fell asleep with my legs outside of a window.
I laughed till I fell over with the best flatmate EVER.
I had a few drunken crazy nights.
I had a dance off with the Hearn's. Hearn's can't shimmy.
I blamed it on the boogie.
I rearranged a lot of furniture.
I lost a lot of mobile phones.
I went to Ikea on a Thursday night.
I had a big fight at Ikea.
I moved to the country.
I realised I'm a city girl at heart.
I wanted to have a baby.
I had some good times. Good times.
I went on some bad dates.
I cried a little tear when R walked down the aisle.
I gave good advice.
I gave terrible advice.
I dated some idiots.
I watched my friends get married.
I wrote a really long blog at 5 in the morning.
I did better when I knew better.

I'm looking forward to turning thirty hopefully it will be my best decade yet.
That's all x

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just wanted to say

Image from Mary ruffle - unfortunately not made by me;(
Have a great weekend.
I will be game setting and matching.
Hope you do something fun.x

Adventures in Bella Land

Camouflage on carpet

Sleep with my new piggy on my mum's bed. My dad wasn't home.

I said stay tuned for more stuff and here it is.
This is bella.
She likes stuff.
Stay tuned for more stuff soon.

All white now....

Images from here
In my next house I plan on having white floorboards.
Apparently they are not as high maintenance as they look. It would be worth it though. So chic and fresh yet cottagy (sorry spelling) and cosy at the same time.
This is my inspiration.

Family secrets... ssshhhhhh

If your in the mood for baking this weekend, might I suggest a family favourite.
Just keep it between you and me.
I've been making this for over ten years and it never fails. My mother must have been making it for thirty years.
I'm clever, I don't need the recipe anymore but here you go.
Thanks Nana June. x

June's Banana Cake

1/4 Cup butter - unsalted
3/4 Cup caster sugar
2 Eggs
3 ripe banana's mashed
I teaspoon bi carb soda
pinch salt
1 1/2 cups SF Flour
2 tablespoons of milk

Cream butter and sugar. Add the eggs and beat well. Stir in mashed banana's. Fold in flour (sifted) carb soda and salt. Stir in milk. Bake in moderate oven for around half an hour. I like to ice with a lemon icing, but you could also use cream cheese icing.

Don't you just love a good card?

This would be so nice to receive in the mail. Wouldn't you agree??
Clever and here.
What would Miss Austen think?

If I was...

Very thin and very glamorous and very RICH!
I would only wear vintage Valentino. Wouldn't you? I love you Mr Valentino.
PS I'm currently wearing a tracksuit x

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

W is for Wednesdays, W is for Weddings.

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings

Oh Vera. You kill me. Time and time again.

The Yellow Dress - A love Story

Image from here

Inspired by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim I decided that for this Wedding Wednesday I would write about My Love Story. Its nice.

Along time ago, since 1980, there was a Girl who loved parties. (That's me.) There was a special engagement party that the Girl was V excited about. On the morning of the engagement party the excited girl was busy hair- ing and makeup -ing and there was a certain something in the air.

The arrangements for arriving at the party were extensive and complicated so I'll narrow it down.
Meet here. Travel to party on organised bus. Arrive at destination. Enjoy party. Go home the same way.

Sounds simple but the charming and very well dressed Girl happened to posses an unfortunate lack of direction/ knowledge of maps/ common sense. Although being a native Sydney sider the Girl managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or was she?

Whilst waiting in the wrong place at the wrong time for a bus that was never going to arrive the lovely, charming, well dressed Girl carrying a gorgeously wrapped if somewhat over sized present locked eyes with a very smiley young man who appeared to have very dreamy eyes behind a pair of vintage ray bans.

There was a look.

Him: You must be waiting for the engagement party bus too?
Her: What gave it away? The giant present I'm carrying or my dazzling choice of outfit for 11am on a Saturday.

She did look fabulous.

Him: Ahhhah ummmmm
Her: (Quite primly) Yes I am waiting for the bus, but where is it? I'm very special and important it cannot leave without me
Him: Tries to make small talk about friends engagement.

She makes call to friend. Thinks to herself. Hhhmm. He's nice.

Her: We are in the wrong place. We need to be there.
Gestures with over sized present to a romantic car park behind a highway.
Him: Oh.

The charming Girl lugs present to proper departure point and is reunited with friends. Bus leaving soon. Just enough time to buy water for long bus trip. Girl wishing to arrive looking chic and hydrated in manner of Carrie Bradshaw arriving in Paris.

Our lovely Girl is the last to board the bus and steps on only to realise the only available seat is next to crinkly eyed guy. Girl has no choice but to sit next to smiley stranger. Girl swears the bus driver winked at her.

Fast forward one hour and a bit who was counting? Girl and smiley Boy arrive at party. Girl corners party host to whisper "Tell me everything about smiley."

Girl thoroughly enjoys party - one of the best parties ever. Girl tells best friend over lunch she has met the one. Hops back on bus ever so slightly less chic and sits down next to, you guessed it. Him. Charming chic Girl and smiley Boy chat and laugh and feel as if they have known each other for years. Technically they met over ten years ago but no one could remember.

Arrive at dodgy bar after bus ride. Girl remembers dancing and ordering chips? Comforts crying friend and has fantastic time.
Ring ring (calls mother from bathroom of dodgy bar)
Her: Hi mum, I've just met the most wonderful smiley Boy. You'll love him.....

And that's how I met my David.
Thank you for being my favourite everything x

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey you, Mrs Fancy Pants

Fancy Flats are the ultimate style solution for any girl who’s going places…
So says their website and I happen to agree.

PS I was once called Mrs fancy pants by my favourite 7 year old. Cute stuff.

Its not easy being easy

Image from here
Maybe I was too cocky. Maybe I'm not as clever as I thought I was, but three weeks in and I've hit a wall.


Suggestions for topics to blog about from my husband:
1. Beer
2. Apple crumble - we had for dessert delicious but no boring
3. Cupcakes, been there. Got the tshirt.

Spent last half an hour googling interesting things. NB Nothing good comes up when you google 'interesting things'. So this is all I've got for you on a Tuesday night when I could be curled up watching the Kardashian finale. (Don't worry I'm taping it.)

My little boo boo is feeling better and thank god no more medicine applications needed. x
That's all (sorry)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Keep calm

Keep calm and have a cupcake. Buy your note cards and other pretty stuff here.
That's all x

11 days without chocolate

I went to the movies on Saturday night and I didn't even flinch when I opened my mouth and ordered a choc top.
In my defence its not a movie without a CT and technically its not a bar of chocolate its merely a light coating of crackling cocoa goodness. Channelling my inner Nigella here.

So I can still proudly say that we here at c'est bon bon have been 11 days without a single piece of chocolate - let alone a bar or even a row. Yay for me!

However, please forgive me the moment of weakness where I scoffed two chocolate Monties when no one was looking. I hid behind the fridge although no one was home. x

There's a bat in bunk 5 and other stories

I happen to love corny romance novels. I still reread The Wind is Silver from Carol Pyne's Year 6 class of 1992 from time to time, as there was a romantic plot line between Jennifer and Raymond Bradley. Ahh. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

A recent discovery which I'm rereading as its just so damn good is Vision in White by Nora Roberts. Its the first novel in a four part bridal series. See why I'm excited!? Hey it was a New York Times #1 bestseller so I'm not alone in my thinking here. There just the right amount of corniness with predictability and its a little I like it.

The second book Bed of Roses (main characters a florist- get it) has been released and if the chumps at Angus and Robertson would hurry up I'll be reading that shortly.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you?

Image from Its Mary Ruffle

Nice one..

Image from here

Thank you for taking the time in your busy day to visit here. I apologise for spelling nistakes.
Hope you have great weekend.
Stay tuned for BIG things here x

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